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It is hardly possible to present oneself in just a few lines – or by means of a photo such as the above. Of course some biographical data are always at hand to deal out, and they will appear a little further down the page. However, if I must say something about myself that enters my mind spontaneously, I am a storyteller. Probably some of you know the feeling that stories exist that literally beg to be told. It is this kind of story you will find in The Ringbearer´s Diary.
   Another thing enters my mind: are stories real or are they just stories? Some stories demand to be perceived as being real when you write them down and this is the case of the present story. So, inevitably I needed quite a lot of courage, when the story wanted me to write it down in first person in the shape of recollections from earlier lifetimes. In fact, some of these lifetimes dealt with very, very famous persons – e.g. Shakespeare, Mozart and Wagner. But when a story demands your presence – and this is what it does if it is a serious story – then you cannot argue with it. So, if you are a responsible writer, you write it down.
   Even unproblematic stories may assume the character of rambling fantasies. In this case we find ourselves before the “problem” that my story turns the world upside down (or, it turns it right again – according to how you see it). This may look like arrogance – unless you take the time to read the story – which is what I have been forced to do, gradually as I wrote it down. As it turned out, the account made so much sense that I found it irresponsible not to publish it – in spite of the risk that someone might think that I was out of my mind.
   So what I have written, I have written out of respect for the story itself. By the way I am very fond of expeditions into unknown or well-known territories. I have travelled in Lapland and in Himalaya, and I have sailed on peaceful Danish rivers as can be seen in the photo. With The Ringbearer´s Diary I have ventured into the consciousness´s magical and colourful world of thoughts, feelings, experiences and indescribably fantastic logic.
   The human consciousness as well as world history and musical history have drawn their own maps for me, gradually as I wandered through the almost 35 years it has taken me to write the book. As for the rest, I am a nice family man who loves his home, good food and wonderful friends – and not least my wife, my children and my dogs.

   Officially I was born in 1947 and I earned my upper secondary school leaving certificate from the music and languages line in 1966. Music has always played a huge part in my life, and there was music in the home of my childhood. Both my parents played the piano on an amateur level, and my father conducted an amateur chorus. I played the recorder myself and later the clarinet and the piano, and in 1972 I earned a diploma from The Royal Danish Music Conservatory with the clarinet as my main instrument and the piano as my second.
   By the way I have played the bass drum and the cymbals in a military orchestra; I have served behind the counter in a classical music shop, written a lot of articles and concert programmes, as well as having been employed in the musical division of Danmarks Radio (The Danish Broadcasting Corporation) I have performed on the radio and around the country at various arrangements singing lyric poetry, and during the last almost 30 years I have lived from giving lectures on music, dreams and on the nooks and crannies of the human consciousness and its wonderful structure.
   I am happy that I have written The Ringbearer´s Diary. It has been a privilege to be the one allowed to tell this story.

   Let me end this presentation with a quote from the culminating chapter which appears towards the end of the work:

   “The next section is really so important that I think I need to make a kind of statement before we make our way into it. I do not proceed to write this statement because I am being melodramatic, nor is my wish dictated by a possible lack of faith in my reader´s trust. Rather, it has something to do with defining a responsibility – as you do when you have to testify in a court of law. Indeed, what is about to be exposed is so bloodcurdling that it is necessary to stress that the results I have reached do not arise from an urge to frighten anyone – to the contrary the upcoming revelations are owed to accurate research into the human consciousness. On the other hand, behind these revelations we find a fundamental optimism which perfectly matches the almost thriller-like perspectives of my discovery. Also in this case the redeeming element comes from the consciousness itself and not from a possible personal urge to conjure forth some kind of Utopia.

   So to begin with, here you have a


   I, Peter Kjærulff, hereby declare that I seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. My aim is reality and nothing but reality. If reincarnation takes place, I want to know, and if reincarnation does not take place, I want to know that, too. If the existence of God is a fact, I want to know, and if God does not exist, I want to know that, too.

   As regards comments to The Ringbearer´s Diary, I will be grateful for all such comments that may contribute to clarifying the truth and reality. If someone disagrees with me, they will disagree with reality if I am right – and if I am wrong, I am in disagreement with myself, as I only seek reality. Thus, I have no use for comments like “I am of a different opinion”, “Research/philosophies/religion has long since determined that you are wrong”, “You really are a tad too far out, arent´you?” – which are void of a careful and open-minded wish to communicate. Please seriously compare any research results with my discoveries – for the human consciousness and the life and the world vision that appear when one researches this very consciousness – are simply too important to be the possible object of academic or philosophical altercations. It is not possible to go about answering the question concerning the existence of God and of an immortal consciousness – by means of a quarrel one may possibly win.

   I will probably meet people who say that the truth can never be found and my counter-question will then be: “How do you know that?” Probably there will also be people who think that only by over-estimating oneself can one believe that one may find the truth – and in this place I need to underscore a certain perspective of the present statement:

   I have not written what I have written in order to make a show of myself, and I have no interest in creating illusions of fictive world visions to “distract attention from the unpleasant truth”. What I have been researching here – and the results I have reached – have appeared as a result of my method: firstly, I have managed to dare take all those experiences seriously that lead to the writing of Book One and Two and, secondly, I have done something which the object of research itself renders possible and even demands: I have lived my research in such a way that the third part of the work has been a test in practice of the world vision described in the first two books. Living your own research may lead either to your results affirming themselves in a self-feeding way, or to gradually putting to the test everything, so that the next step can be taken only because the preceding step has proved to rest on a solid foundation. Living your research requires courage and trust, and courage and trust are in fact what you need, when – after all the years it has taken to walk the path demanded by the world vision – you reach the description of the fundamental mechanisms of evil and the awe-inspiring redemption found in the good and the divine.”


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