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The Ringbearer´s Diary

(The Ultimate Edition)

Peter Kjaerulff


The work consists of five volumes:
Book 1
: Wolfgang
Book 2: The Ring and the Pyramid
Book 3: The Sphinx Part 1 The Machine
Book 3: The Sphinx Part 2 The Tree
Book 3: The Sphinx Part 3 The Redemption


Wolfgang” was released in 2014 in Danish and English, as e-book in the digital formats pdf, epub and mobi (for Kindle). Finances permitting, the book will later appear in print.

Price (English e-book): US$ 27.35/£ 16.50/€ 19.96

Buy the book at www.qpubl.dk

“The Ring and the Pyramid” is scheduled for publishing later in 2016 in Danish and English
Price yet to be determined      

Read more www.qpubl.com


The first two books were first published in Danish (1. and 2. edition, 1985/90) by Bogan´s Publishing House, Lynge, Denmark and in English in 2002 by Altre Menti Edizioni, Naples, Italy. The present edition consists of extended versions of the first two books while Book Three, Part 1, 2 and 3 are new additions to the work.

 “The Sphinx”, Part 1, 2 and 3 are expected for publishing after the release of Book Two, while the English editions of these last three volumes will follow as soon as translations are ready.
Price yet to be determined   

Read more www.qpubl.com


Qvistgaard Publishing is a new Danish publishing house which has been launched initially with the intention of publishing the ultimate version of The Ringbearer´s Diary. The project is based on (hitherto) unpaid labour and enthusiasm. Initially, we consider it important to simply make the work available. What will happen next and at which pace, depends on demand.

We are proud to be able to finally present the first steps of the complete release of a work we consider very important. 

Best regards,

Ulla S. Qvistgaard, publisher and translator – www.qpubl.com – info[at]qpubl.com
Steffen Kjaerulff – layout and illustrations
Morten Barfoed, consultant, webmaster at –
Peter Kjaerulff, author – www.ringbearersdiary.com


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