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WEEKEND COURSES and thematic days

Winter 2017 - Spring 2018



As you can see from the attached calendar, the lectures are now somewhat unspecified. However, don´t let yourself be taken in by this (smile) – there is still a system beneath the surface. The consciousness lectures will not be just a repetition of the numerous lectures I have already held in the past; on the contrary they will be an even more in-depth description of what really happens in the interaction between the consciousness (us) and the surrounding world.

The music lectures supply the consciousness lectures (and the other way round), and even though the main course will probably concern a “Wagner update”, all sorts of other details will be explored. We must regain our feelings, yes indeed! – and the music is a very valuable guide in our quest. And perhaps, after all these years of lectures, we may venture even further into the depths of the music, into territories hitherto unreachable

Best regards - Peter

Lectures in Copenhagen on music and consciousness   The weekend courses are held on Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 am – 04:00 pm, price DKK 850, and the thematic days are scheduled to Saturdays 11:00 am – 04:00 pm, price DKK 400

All of Peter Kjærulff's courses and thematic days are now held by Leo Milgrom, Nørrebrogade 58 II TH (call phone +45 2680 8210 if problems should arise with the intercom at the entrance door).

Please send notice of adhesion to peter@ringbearersdiary.com or to my publisher Ulla Qvistgaard at phone +45 7734 1865

13-14 January Music and consciousness  
27 January Thematic day  
10-11 February Music and consciousness  
24 February Thematic day  
10 - 11 March Music and consciousness  
24 March Thematic day  
7 - 8 April Music and consciousness  
21 April Thematic day  
5 - 6 May Music and consciousness  
19 May Thematic day  
2 - 3 June Music and consciousness  
16 June Thematic day  
30 June - 1 July Music and consciousness  
14 July Thematic day  
Last updated on December 16th 2017. Reserves are made as to any errors and changes in the programme.

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